• WINDOW PUSH CHAINS: Revolutionizing Window Operation

    WINDOW PUSH CHAINS: Revolutionizing Window Operation

    Window push chains, also known as window operating systems, have become an increasingly popular choice for window manufacturers and end-users alike. These innovative devices provide a convenient and reliable solution for opening and closing windows, while also adding a t...
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  • An important gear driving industrial development

    Industrial sprocket Industrial sprocket is a transmission device widely used in various industrial fields, its role is to transfer power to the working mechanism through the mesh with the chain, so as to achieve the operation of mechanical equipment. As an important indu...
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  • Sprocket process detailed explanation

    Sprocket process detailed explanation 1. Overview Sprocket is one of the important parts in mechanical transmission, its production process includes raw material selection, processing and heat treatment and other key processes. The following will introduce the sprocket p...
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  • The manufacturing principle of bearings

    Bearings are common mechanical parts widely used in various mechanical equipment. Its work is used to support and reduce the friction loss of machine components, so that the machine runs smoothly. As a result, What is the manufacturing principle of bearings? The producti...
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  • What are characteristics of bevel gears ?

    1. Application: Transmission between intersecting shafts. Compared to cylindrical gears, it can change the transmission direction. 2. Type: Bevel gear is divided into straight bevel gear, spiral bevel gear, etc. 3. Features: The single stage transmission ratio can reach...
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  • We are delivering!

    Our workers are hauling goods to the port!
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  • How to prevent bearing rusting?

    During production, the causes of bearing rusting include: 1. Humidity: The amount of humidity in the air has a great impact on the corrosion rate of bearings. Under the critical humidity, the metal corrosion rate is very slow. Once the humidity exceeds the critical humid...
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  • New Arrival: Aluminum 6061-T6/LY12-T4 Grooved Bail Rod for Hanger Bar.

    Application: Hanger Bar, DY HC TUBE FEEDER Material: Aluminum 6061-T6/LY12-T4 If you want More details ,ask our salesman please.
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  • How to prolong the service life of bearings.

    In addition to production, the correct use of bearings in storage, installation, overhaul, disassembly, maintenance, lubrication and other aspects also helps to extend the life of bearings, reduce production costs and improve production efficiency. 1. Storage First of all, it should be stored in ...
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  • Holiday Notice

    Could you please check your inventory and back up full cargo in time?  Our factory will take the Spring Festival holiday from January 14th to February 5th. January 19th-January 27th is our office holiday. If you have any order requirements, whether it is now or after the holiday, please communic...
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  • Merry Christmas!

    TongBao sincerely wishes you a merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.
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  • Differences between gear and sprocket

    1.Different structure Gear is an involute tooth shape. The transmission is realized by meshing the teeth of two gears. Sprocket is a "three arc and one straight line" tooth shape, which is driven by the chain. 2.Different functions Gear can realize transmission between a...
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