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Company Introduction

Our company, Wuxi Tongbao International Co., Ltd., is located in Jiangsu, specifically in the Yangtze River Delta, on the eastern coast of mainland China. We are one of the leading manufacturers in China, specializing in material conveying systems and conveyor spare parts like chains.

Established in 1997, we are a professional manufacturer focused on designing, developing, and producing bearings, rollers, conveyor chain parts, and conveyor belts. All our products meet or exceed international quality standards, resulting in numerous satisfied customers in various markets worldwide. Tongbao is committed to becoming the most professional complete automatic transmission solution supplier and the best strategic partner in the material conveying industry. Additionally, we strive to be the leading navigator in this field.

To date, we have more than 90 major machines and equipment, as well as over 20 testing

Main Equipments List

No. Main production equipments name Qty No. Key detection equipments name Qty
1 Automatic Super Finishing Machine 15 9 Gantry milling, universal milling 1
2 Automatic Internal Gringding Machine 9 10 Hot Forging Line 1
3 centerless grinding machine 4 11 Cold Forging Line 1
4 Automatic Raceway Grinding machine 16 12 Continuous push container annealing furnace 1
5 CNC lathe 22 13 hardening furnace 3
6 Process Center 3 14 Injection production lin 2
7 gear hobbing machine 5 15 Auto Welding Machine 5
8 gear shaper 4

Key Test Equipments List

No. Key detection equipments name Qty No. Key detection equipments name Qty
1 Spectrometer 1 9 Ultrasonic Defect Detector 1
2 3D Measuring tester 1 10 Intelligent Non-Destructive Separation 1
3 Project 2sets 2 11 Rockwell Hardness of The Entire TH320 5
4 Test Machine For Tensile and Strength 2 12 Roundness Test Machine 1
5 Bearing Life Tester 1 13 Salt Spray Tester 1
6 Metallographic Microscope 2 14 Welding Seam Testing Machine 1
7 Magnetic Test Machine 1 15 Micrometer and Gauge Many sets
8 Fluorescent Magnetic Powder Detector 1 16 Coating Thickness Tester 1

We has self-support import and export rights, and the market areas include Europe, America, South Korea, Russia, Africa and other countries and regions, receiving positive feedback and praise. We are looking forward to cooperate with you!

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